Dixieland Jazz Society Newsletter

December 2016
The next Dixieland Jam
will be at
The Jazz Corner
Sunday, December 18
2 - 5:00
Notes from the Jazz Corner
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The Dixieland Jazz Society of the Lowcountry Newsletter is published monthly. Items for insertion may be sent to President/Editor Alan Waitley,
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…Sybil Stuart and Steve Butter, as well as…
        Coming up: 1/29, 2/26, 3/26
Shortly after Thanksgiving, the audience
swelled to 65 or so and the three bands
rewarded them with great music.
…Dr. Herb Thompson.
Please be forewarned that Jan, Feb, and March
are expected to be packed due to the tourist
influx. To secure your favorite seats, arrive well
before the 2pm door-opening.
Jamie, Peter, and Patrick were terrific servers,
And we welcome back…
Welcome to our newest member:
Mary Thomas
Hardeeville, SC